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Arguments Aired on Lompoc Detox Center Site Selection 

KSBY-TV - Jan 02 7:38 PM
The proposed site for a drug and alcohol detox center in Lompoc has prompted a group of residents to take action. Tonight, those against the facility will take their case to the city council.
Planning a detox after the excesses? 
icWales - Jan 02 12:30 AM
DETOX and dieting are the buzzwords in bookshops this week, as thousands try to shake off the extra pounds gained over the Christmas period.

DETOX DIETS USELESS ; Our Bodies Don't Need Any Help Dealing With Toxins, Say Researchers 
RedNova - Jan 01 6:13 PM
By JULIE WHELDON DETOX diets are a waste of time because our bodies are perfectly capable of getting rid of the toxins we consume, say scientists.

Detox your way to a happier 2007 
Northern Territory News - Jan 01 4:42 PM
DETOX programs are certainly a beneficial way to start the new year, but experts suggest dieters should not waste their money on expensive kits and supplements.

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Location of Ringelheim in Salzgitter

Salzgitter-Ringelheim (1,951 inhabitants) is the sixth biggest suburb of Salzgitter in Lower Saxony, Germany. Located at the Alchol Detox very far Acohol Detox south-western end of the city's area, the most important station of the city Alochol Detox is here, because the railway lines Hannover - Hildesheim - Salzgitter-Ringelheim - Goslar - Halle (Saale) and Braunschweig - Salzgitter-Ringelheim - Kreiensen cross here. Alchool Detox The most important attraction is the Ringelheim Castle, a former abbey built in Alcool Detox the 10th century, which was secularised in 1803. The Alohol Detox baroque church St. Abdon und Sennen built in 1694 is known for its precious organ Alcohl Detox and the crucifix from Bishop Bernward of Hildesheim's Alcoho Detox workshop. There is a large Castle-park (Schlosspark) with a ramified lake. Count Adolf von der Aclohol Detox Decken started the park in 1847. Close to it there are Alcohool Detox the sport grounds and the River Innerste. Salzgitter-Ringelheim has Alcphol Detox some shopping facilities (supermarket, drug-store, retail), gastronomy, banks, doctor, dentist, pharmacy, an alcohol detox clinic and an institution for handicapped persons.

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