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Five people arrested here on alcohol-related charges 

The Carmi Times - Jan 02 2:13 PM
A Carmi woman and two passengers were charged with various alcohol-related offenses, including driving while under the influence, following a 6:15 p.m. accident New Year's Eve.
Adults face £80 fines for buying alcohol for underaged 
ic Surrey Online - Jan 02 5:19 AM
A TOUGH warning that adults will be fined a fixed penalty of £80 if they buy alcohol for teenagers who are underage. The message has come from Sutton's Police Licensing Department and the council's trading standards and licensing departments.

JR Kyushu drops driver for failing breath test 
Daily Yomiuri Online - Dec 31 10:33 AM
Kyushu Railway Co. (JR Kyushu) announced it has removed a train driver from duty because alcohol exceeding the allowable level was detected on his breath during a test drivers must take before work.

Are you brave enough for the doomsday test? 
Daily Mail - Jan 02 1:53 AM
A new gene test can predict your risk of getting cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's. But do you really want to know? JEROME BURNE got his test results and was in for a few surprises

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Here is an article on Alcohol Test.

The Paddington Alcohol Test (PAT) was first published in the Journal of Accident and Emergency Medicine in 1996. It was designed to screen Alchol Test for alcohol related problems amongst those attending Accident and Emergency departments. It concords well Acohol Test with the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) questionnaire but is administered in a fifth of Alochol Test the time. [1]

When 40-70% of the patients in an Accident Alchool Test and Emergency department (AED) are there because of alcohol Alcool Test related issues, it is useful for the staff of the AED Alohol Test to determine which of them are possibly alcoholic so that they can treat the underlying cause. In Accident Alcohl Test and Emergency departments, it is also important to triage incoming patients as quickly as Alcoho Test possible, to reduce staff Aclohol Test size and cost. In one study, it took and average of 73 seconds to administer the Alcohool Test AUDIT questionnaire but only 20 seconds for the PAT. [2]


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