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Girl Guides to teach about alcohol and sex problems 

Times Online - Jan 02 5:21 PM
It may not be one of the usual reasons why parents encourage their daughters to join the Guides. But this year the skills taught by the movement will be extended from first aid and camping to include problems of sex....
Alcohol poisoning case reveals New Year's downside - Jan 02 12:33 PM
A 14-year-old girl was treated at William Newton Hospital for alcohol poisoning that occurred at a party on New Year's Eve. Around 10:23 p.m. Sunday, officers with the Winfield Police Department and Winfield Area EMS were dispatched to 604 St. James Court and found the 14-year-old girl.

CDC study: USA's teens binge drinking alcohol 
USA Today - Jan 02 3:37 AM
Nearly half of the high-school students surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they've been drinking alcohol, most having five or more drinks in a row, according to Reuters. They found that 45 percent of the students...

Teen Binge Drinking: Common and Risky 
WebMD - Jan 02 2:30 PM
Almost two-thirds of high school students who drink alcohol admit binge drinking and may be at risk of other serious health problems, says the CDC.

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The American Council on Alcohol Problems is a federation of 37 state affiliates promoting the reduction of alcohol advertising, availability and consumption throughout the United States.

The Council Alchol Problems was known as the Anti-Saloon League Acohol Problems from 1893 until 1948 (when it was Alochol Problems a leading national advocate of Prohibition), as the Temperance League until 1950, the National Temperance League until 1964, and now as the Alchool Problems American Council on Alcohol Problems. It partners with George Hacker’s Alcool Problems Alcohol Policies Project at the Alohol Problems Center for Science in the Public Interest and other Alcohl Problems temperance-oriented groups.


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