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Blast that killed Pfc. Salas still echoes months later 

USA Today - Jan 02 7:43 PM
The roadside bomb that killed Pfc. Ricky Salas Jr. last year lay buried along a deserted stretch of highway outside Tal Afar, Iraq. The Pentagon announced the death in a three-paragraph news release, blaming it on an "improvised explosive device" or IED, the acronym for the weapon that has claimed the lives of more U.S. troops than any other used by Iraqi insurgents.
Meet the celebs that made the tabloids go wild in 2006 
ANI via Yahoo! India News - Jan 01 11:47 PM
Washington, Jan 2 (ANI): Now that 2006 has been left behind, here's the list of the top five celebs and celeb couples that made the tabloids go wild. Topping the list is actress Lindsay Lohan, who was in the news more for her wild partying, the different beaus, her alcohol problem and for unprofessional rather than her acting skills. Following closely on Lohan's heels were Britney Spears ...

Fresno DUI Crackdown a New Year's Success 
KFSN-TV Fresno - Jan 01 6:23 PM
For many people, celebrating the New Year means drinking alcohol. Fresno police say a lot of people made bad decisions, driving drunk.

Will stoop for scoop 
Los Angeles Times - Jan 02 8:30 PM
FX's new series 'Dirt' delves into an unsavory world: the tabloids. IN real life, Courteney Cox, who plays the rapaciously ambitious editor of a tabloid magazine on the new FX series "Dirt," has pretty much gotten used to the guys with cameras who lie in wait as she exercises on the streets near her home. But what creeps her out most about this weird price of fame is not being able to spend a ...

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Man at the Crossroads was a mural by Diego Rivera.

The Rockefellers wanted to have a mural put on the wall in Rockefeller Center. Alchol Pictures Nelson Rockefeller wanted Henri Matisse or Pablo Picasso to do it, because he favored their modern Acohol Pictures style. Since neither was available, the Rockefellers commissioned Diego Rivera to create this huge mural, Alochol Pictures because Diego was one of Nelson Rockefeller Alchool Pictures mother's favorite artists. They gave him the theme: New Alcool Pictures Frontiers. Nelson A. Rockefeller wanted the painting to make people pause and think.

The huge mural had many parts including: society women drinking alcohol, Alohol Pictures pictures of cells (sexually transmitted diseases) Alcohl Pictures and then the famous Lenin portion (depicting communism) which upset Nelson Rockefeller. Rockefeller Alcoho Pictures asked Diego Rivera to change the face of Lenin to an unknown man's face, but Rivera Aclohol Pictures refused.

The work was paid for on May 22, 1933, and Alcohool Pictures immediately draped. People protested but it remained covered until Alcphol Pictures the early weeks of 1934, when it was smashed by workers and hauled Alcohil Pictures away in wheelbarrows. Rivera responded by saying that it was "cultural Alcoholl Pictures vandalism."

Man, Controller of the Universe
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