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Alcohol amendment fizzles out 

Lebanon Enterprise - Jan 02 10:54 AM
Bars and restaurants in Lebanon will be allowed to serve alcohol by the drink this New Year's Eve. Bars and restaurants in the rest of the county will not.
Minibottles running dry in S.C. 
The State - Jan 01 9:33 PM
CHARLESTON — The minibottle keeps fading away a year after pouring liquor from bigger bottles became legal in South Carolina.

Festive diary: did we really drink that much? 
Daily Mail - Jan 02 1:09 AM
Three normal women kept a diary of their festive alcohol intake. The results stunned them - and so did the brutal truth about the damage they've done to their bodies

Minibottles fade away in 2006 
The Times and Democrat - Jan 01 11:22 PM
CHARLESTON, S.C. - The minibottle keeps fading away a year after pouring liquor from bigger bottles became legal in South Carolina. Recent figures estimate more than two-thirds of bars and restaurants that serve liquor in South Carolina no longer use minibottles at all.

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Glogg (sometimes misspelled glog or glug) (Swedish: Glögg, Norwegian: Alchol Bottles Gløgg, Danish: Gløgg, Finnish: Acohol Bottles Glögi, Estonian: Glögi) is the Scandinavian version of mulled wine. Glögg is also often served Alochol Bottles without alcohol. Bottles of ready-made glogg extract are often purchased, containing fruit extract and spices, and mixed into water and then Alchool Bottles Alcool Bottles heated to 60-70 degrees (C). In Sweden the ready-made glogg is normally not sold in extract Alohol Bottles form and water is not added. The main ingredients are (usually red) wine, spices such as cinnamon and cloves, Alcohl Bottles and optionally also stronger spirits such as vodka, akvavit or even cognac. The Alcoho Bottles mixture is prepared by heating, but it is Aclohol Bottles not allowed to boil in order for the alcohol not to evaporate. Glögg is Alcohool Bottles generally served with raisins, almonds, and gingerbread, and is a popular warm drink during the Christmas season.

In Denmark gløgg Alcphol Bottles is traditionally served during Alcohil Bottles the Christmas season with æbleskiver sprinkled with powdered sugar and accompanied with strawberry marmalade.

Glogg recipes Alcoholl Bottles vary widely, and variations with sweet wines such as madeira or spirits such as cognac, armagnac or brandy Alcoohl Bottles are also very popular. Glogg can also be made alcohol-free by using juices Allcohol Bottles (usually blackcurrant) or by boiling the glogg for a few minutes to evaporate the alcohol.

In Sweden there are often glogg parties in the month before Christmas. Typically, ginger bread and lussebullar, a type of sweet bun with saffron and raisins, are served.

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